2. Sitting Down In My GGGrandfather’s House.

Then the best thing happened! I found out that the home of Valentine Welna had chosen to be an 18th century representative home in an open air museum in 1957.
So the next day, we all went to the museum. When the guide at the museum found out that we were direct descendants, she took down the barriers and gave us free access to the whole house.

To put things in perspective and help your understanding, the ancestry order is: Louis D. Welna -> son of Louis J. Welna -> son of John C. Welna -> son of John Welna -> son of Valentine Welna, son of Martin Welna born about 1754.

Site map of the open air museum also called “Skansen” – Muzeum Wsi Opolskiej – whose goal is: to collect, preserve and study the monuments of the folk culture of Opole Silesia. The house located at ‘8’ is the peasant cottage from Dabrowka Dolna built in 1827. This is the house of Valentine Welna.

(See also interactive map of museum: http://www.muzeumwsiopolskiej.pl/imapa.do’mid=mid222.)


Valentine’s house
Maria Welna and Louis Welna at Valentine’s House

I took many pictures of the inside which I will include in the family history started by Mitzi Welna. Valentine’s name (Valentine Welna), the date (1827) and the name of the builder is carved on one of the beams. I got to sit at the table of my great great grandfather Valetine Welna’s kitchen table and wept. (By the way, do not drive in Poland!)

My gggrandfather name on the beam!!!
1827 – the year of building the house.
Patryk, Louis, Maria, Valdemar, Ania, and Marcel Welna all sitting at Valentine Welna’s kitchen table.

According to the Welnas, an old aunt named, Cecylia, saw the house at the museum and she said it was exactly as she remembered it. All the contents are original and came from the Welna house.

Louis Welna and Waldemar Welna sawing wood with Valentine’s saw!
Waldemar Welna, his wife, Ania, and their two children, Marcel (with dad) and Patryk at the Valentine Welna’s farmhouse, on the standard transportation of the day, the wooden wagon.



  1. WoW! What a lucky guy. I haven’t even been able to track down my Grandfather’s roots and look at you. Do you think they’ll give the place back to you? Ha Ha

  2. Philip,
    I admit I was lucky but it was over 20 years ago when first located my Polish Welna family.
    Don’t give up. Your answers are there. And one answer will lead to more questions.
    It the nature of the beast called ‘genealogy.”

    About the house: They would have to “give it back” because I certainly couldn’t buy it! “Happy Trails to you!”

  3. Felicia,
    Good question! I asked myself the same question after I got back home. I will have to ask Zenon because I don’t remember a stairs anywhere – unless there was one just to the left in the vestibule. None of my pictures covered that area.
    By the way, I have found out that the father of Martin Welna was a Paul Welna who was married to a Maria.
    So Zenon, what’s upstairs? Do I need to come back and do more research? 🙂

  4. Yes Louie, I think that this is the surest way for you to find out about “what’s upstairs” ;-)! I have still plenty of days not reserved yet, especially in the second half of this year as well as in 2012: https://polishorigins.com/document/calendar .
    I would drive you there and to Dabrowka (and wherever you would want to) and spend again a few days days in your companionship with great pleasure :-).

    I can only tell you what I remember from my grandparents’ attic. There was “everything”: crops which had been dried out there, old paper magazines, notebooks and books placed in the old cabinet, metal tools and materials of my grandpa, old clothes, toys. In short, everything which made kid to spend there hours and have a great time.

  5. Zenon,
    What lovely memories you have of your grandparent’s attic.
    Not this year, but I am thinking about coming back in a few years.
    My love to you and your family.

  6. Daughter Josie and I went to Stanislawice, Sept. 2016 to find relatives–and did.
    We drove around asking for family named Welna and did find cousins of my mother’s. The cousins
    father was brother to my mothers father, Jan Welna.EUREKA!

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