Traveling to Poland: No COVID vaccinations, no tests, no quarantine required.

From March 28, 2022, after more than 2 years, all the COVID restrictions for people traveling from outside of the European Union (Schengen zone) to Poland have been lifted by the Polish government.

Many of you, even if vaccinated, were afraid of all the travel formalities and the risk of being kept in quarantine in case of positive covid tests upon arrival. Now you don’t have to worry about it.

The official statement of the Polish government is published here: (translation by google translate:

Although there are fewer tour guides available to travel with you than before 2020 we still have the capacity and available dates for genealogy and history tours in 2022.

If you consider arrival this year please fill out the tour request giving details of your travel plans or options: . We will analyze your needs and come back to you with concrete options.

See our full tours of Poland offer here: .

And here: you can read dozens of stories written by our guests after they took trip with PolishOrigins.


Zenon Znamirowski
Founder, PolishOrigins

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