My Journey to Poland. Day 5.

After breakfast we drove back to Romany to finish searching the cemetery.  Took photos of several graves with family names. We drove out to Korytki-Lesne, which again is a very small village; stopped to ask if any of the names researching sounded familiar and were told almost everybody here has the last name of Korytkowski!

Korytkowskis everywhere!
Korytkowskis everywhere!

We drove about half mile to the local church in Miastkowie; but the priest was not there. Went to the cemetery on the hill and walked through and took pictures.  Teresa my pen pal from Australia who thinks we are related on the Korytkowski side, has other family from this area.  So I took pictures of those graves and found some for my names too, Grabowski, Piasecki.  I will email these photos to her when I return.  I will be asking Zenon to pursue this lead in the winter for my family research.

We stopped for lunch I had zurek, sour rye.  Went back to the B&B I used Zenon’s PC and caught up on emails.  We went to visit Jon Zalewski, had tea and cakes, Ania was there, and she speaks some English!!! We exchanged some emails and Facebook, I showed them our website for magic and me as a clown.  I invited them to supper, but Ania paid!

Then we drove to Jon’s farm where he grew up, he has a garden there and a small home two rooms, and I told him this what we call a ‘man cave? in America. We took them back home, funny to listen to Ania and her dad Jon argue on which way to go back; some things are always the same. We said our goodbyes and headed back to the B&B.

Mary Ann Baillargeon

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