My new name is Janina Kruk. Day 2.

Tuesday began with breakfast at “Windmill place” consisting of scrambled eggs with kielbasa, meat and cheeses, bread, tomatoes and cucumbers. After breakfast we were off to Brzeźno-Kolonia to pickup Mariola to visit her mother Halina Walczak in Wyszkow. We made a quick stop in Goworowo to drop off Mariolas son Wiktor at elementary school. Then we traveled about 40 minutes in a heavy rain to Wyszkow.

On arrival at Wyszkow we were greeted by Halina with hugs and kisses for Janina. Halina provided much information of recent family with stories. We were able to develop the family tree with dozens of cousins. Halina’s daughter Agata arrived with her daughter. After brief visit we were off to lunch in one of Wyszkow restaurants.

Mariola, myself and Halina
Mariola, myself and Halina

After lunch we traveled back to Brzezno-Kolonia where we met Kamila, wife of Kazimierz, other of son of Marianna Kruk. Kamila provided with us of the WWII history in the village. She stated they were spared of extreme devastation but remembered the planes and one the bombs had been dropped in the farm fields. She also recalls German soldiers staying in their farm buildings.

She was a pleasant lady but couldn’t recall much information on Kruk family.
We ended our day in a new Bed&Breakfast in Brzezno. It is neighboring village to my grandfather’s place of birth which is Brzezno-Kolonia. During the 1800s this was (and still is) Wasewo parish. The church is called Mother of God of Wasewo.

Bad&Breakfast in Brzezno
Bad&Breakfast in Brzezno

Do widzenia until tomorrow.

Janina Kruk


  1. I am enjoying your blog about Poland. You are very lucky to have found people that know of your family. I have been trying to locate anyone of my Mom’s family who lived in Mielec Poland. I haven’t found anything at all. I know I have cousins that are alive but if they got married than I have no new married name. Good luck in your adventures.

  2. Hi Janina!
    I’m so glad you’re having a good visit and are making connections about your family. The raspberry liquor look delish-be careful!! can’t wait to read more-have a great visit!!

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