My new name is Janina Kruk. Day 8. Relaxation.

After breakfast at the Hotel Hancza I took a stroll through Suwalki while Zenon continued to work on the computer searching records. Before we departed Suwalki we stopped by the Archive building to search for the marriage record of my  great grandparents Antonia and Leon.

Zenon was able to locate the record within 20 minutes.  I now know the names of their parents – my tree is continuing to grow. Zenon has taught me how to search records however even with my magnifying  glass I will never be as good as him.  🙂

In the archives.
In the Suwalki State Archives.

After obtaining the record we headed back  to Ostroleka  to spend the night. It was finally a sunny and warm day and a nice day to relax and enjoy the scenery. I practiced a little of my polish with Zenon but he can never tell when I am trying to speaking Polish or English. “Goworowo” ( (gov or o vo ) . I am still having difficulties trying to pronounce this word …..Zenon just laughs. I wish I would have spent more time with the Rosetta Stone. At least Zenon speaks and understand English very well.

We arrive in Ostroleka to spend a second night at the Hotel Relax. When we arrive I walk around the town and Zenon takes a much needed Nap.  He has searched records at night for the past couple of nights.  Later we met at the restaurant to blog and search records. After blogging I return to my room to relax with a little raspberry vodka. Raspberries are now my favorite fruit!!!

Tomorrow is my last day with Zenon….I am feeling sad.


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