My Second Visit to Poland – Forefathers Traces Tour with James. Day 2.

Awake by 6:30 AM (jet lag!). The breakfast bar at the hostel doesn’t begin 8:00 AM, so hit the street, looking for coffee. Low and behold, what do I find open for business, a McDonalds! I could have had this back home, but the muffin sandwich was good and the coffee even better.

I walked to the Old Town and the Square, visiting shops and snapping pictures along the way.

Palace of Culture and Science
Palace of Culture and Science

An art festival was being held in the Old Town, so I spend some time there enjoying the different varieties of art work.

In the late afternoon in started raining, so I returned to the hostel, after having a kebab for dinner. I spent time reading and napping, and then was able to place a phone call to my wife back home.


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