October Galicia Tour. Day 4: Ancient History and Nature. Heading for the Tatra Mountains.

This day our group visited Carpathian Troy and Magura National Park Museum. On the way to Podhale we have stopped to see the cemetery from the First World War in Nowy Żmigród.

At the First World War’s cemetery. Picture: Zenon, PolishOrigins.

After the front line had passed in West Galicia, many temporary, accidental graves hidden in the fields and forests, right in the places where the fights were held.

When it was time to commemorate the dead, a huge action was organized by the Austrian Army. They collected information on the found soldiers and cemeteries were designed by the best architects, sculptors, and artists of the time. A spectacular charity action took place to collect money for the construction of the cemeteries. At the end, almost 400 cemeteries were created in the whole of the present Małopolska and Podkarpacie regions. Many of them are beautifully located and integrated with the natural surroundings. They are not only incredible and monumental works of art, but also a gesture of honor that reflects the old-fashioned custom of dignifying the defeated opponent. It is said that the First World War, in spite of its cruelty, was the last one with such gentlemanly and chivalrous values.

At the First World War’s cemetery. Picture: Zenon, PolishOrigins.


Aga Pawlus
PolishOrigins Team

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