Old Kleparz Market in Krakow

The Old Market in Kleparz, is just a few steps from Kraków’s Old Town. It is a magical place and a paradise for the lovers of natural, traditional Polish food.

Old Kleparz market in Kraków, Picture: Aga, PolishOrigins

The Kleparz dictrict have been a market place since centuries. Even its name Kleparz, came from the word ?klepać? ? in local dialect meaning ‘to bargain?. And certainly you can do that  now!

Season fruits on Kleparz market. Picture: Aga, PolishOrigins

At the Kleparz market, local farmers from the surrounding villages, are selling fruits and vegetables. You can also find  a real ?home made? cottage cheese, which is being sold by the older ladies, who are usually knitting, while waiting for customers!   You can find real polish sausage made by local little butcher companies.

Home made cheese. Picture: Aga, PolishOrigins
Vegetables and sour cucumbers. Picture: Aga, PolishOrigins

The market is always crowded and bursting with smells, sounds and colors. Most sellers are always willing to take time for small talk, which can help you find out exactly where the products you are buying came from, or how they are  made.  It is a great place to visit for all gourmets!

Pine cones for cough syrup and green walnuts for tinctures. Picture: Aga, PolishOrigins
Different kinds of honey and ecological eggs. Picture: Aga, PolishOrigins

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Aga Pawlus
PolishOrigins Team

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