St. Dominic’s Fair in Gdańsk

This is one of the biggest trade and open-air events in Europe.

St. Dominic’s Fair in Gdansk. Picture source:

The tradition came from Medieval times, when the Dominicans had the privilege to organize trade in certain days during the year, all over Poland. The purpose of that was to convince people to participate in the celebrations of St Dominic’s Day on   6th August.

Local products on the fair’s stalls. Picture source:

Nowadays it is organized every year in the summer for three full weeks. It is an enormous fair with thousands of visitors. In the dealers stalls you can find numismatic and philatelic collections, as well as handicrafts, haberdashery, valuable cloths and antiques. There are concerts, street theaters and performances, and of course there is plenty of food.

Local beers on the fair’s stalls. Picture source:

One can find an abundance of food stalls offering drinks, meat, potatoes and sausages. You will have a unique opportunity to taste some traditional Polish dishes, like e.g. pierogi (dumplings), bigos or farmhouse bread with lard and dill pickles.

Local products on the fair’s stalls. Picture source:

See the map of all Tastes of Poland, with the location of Gdańsk:

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