All 3 of our guides were awesome. Marek, Pawel and Zen. Each one was special.

I am excited about what I learned. It was not what I expected to find, but I’m so glad Zen helped us discover so much about my family. I only wish we had more time to dive deeper into the villages.

Every place we stayed met our expectations and my husband, Bruce, was pleasantly surprised at them all. I just loved each one for it’s own unique style.

Irek was our pick up and drop off and he was superb. He was  so helpful at the train station when we were leaving Warsaw. He even went to the platform with us to find our train and what track it was on. Our bus driver for the 10 days (George i called him) was great. Marek in Warsaw was an excellent driver. Zen was the fastest zoom zoom driver but we loved it because we are x-race car drivers.