Bob Janice and Rhesa Gilliland Janice (Genealogy Tour)

My wife and I traveled to Poland in August 2006 for two weeks. The first week was an escorted tour of some of the major cities of Poland and the second week was devoted exclusively to genealogical research of my family.

Several months before the trip I contacted Tadeusz Wysocki of and asked if he could accompany us while I looked for my family roots. He responded that he had other commitments at that time but recommended that I contact Zenon of “INPASSA! Polish Origins” for assistance. Zenon graciously agreed to act as our guide and interpreter for the week and our plans were set up.

Zenon made all of the preliminary arrangements for our stay in Poland – he contacted hotels, he made car reservations, he called local parish priests to arrange time to search records, he even arranged a horse and carriage ride on a day when we had some free time! In short – he went above and beyond the normal expectations of a driver/guide/interpreter. Everything was arranged by the time we got to Poland and, after meeting us in our hotels lobby, we were off to look for my family.

Zenon’s command of the English language is excellent – an obvious big plus for someone who only knows a few words of Polish! He made our week looking for my ancestors not only productive but enjoyable as well. He took us to local churches, cemeteries, and historical societies. He took pictures and videos of the places that we visited and gave us copies at the end of the week. We had the pleasure of meeting his cousin Cezary who has “a passion for genealogy” and who translated some old Russian language birth, baptismal, marriage and death records that we found.

In short, everything was arranged for us prior to our arrival in Poland and everything was meticulously planned and thought out.

I can unequivocally recommend the services of Zenon to anyone who is thinking of traveling to Poland to “look for their roots”. He is professional, friendly, knowledgeable and above all, truly interested in helping people uncover their family history.

Perhaps the greatest compliment I can give Zenon is that not only did my wife and I enjoy the time we spent with him, but we now also consider him a friend!

Bob Janice