My guide was amazing through and through. I fully appreciate him tolerating our minor tardiness in getting ready (my wife and her friend are from Mexico and it’s a cultural thing for them to take their time, ha). He was such a great driver, patient guide as I explained things to my wife and friend in Spanish, and all in all super nice. We all learned a lot from him and I’m very thankful for this. The fact that we also drove a bit out of Zamosc just to pick up the folk traditional attire made a really big difference for me.

The genealogy research satisfied my goals and also taught me a lot of new things; I feel that I can go back to the archives myself and carry out additional research, if needed. Additionally, I know that meeting a relative of mine (on the Gil side of the family) was part of the itinerary – which was enjoyable and we’re still in touch with each other – but the fact that we stumbled across some relatively-close family members is something I will always remember, and I’m very very thankful for this.

We were very well-informed of the tour and my wife – who worked in tourism a while ago – was very impressed with the amount of information provided beforehand. We’d love to recommend this service to anyone else that may be interested.