Caroline, Jack and Jerome (Genealogy Tour and Galicia Tour)

You have two great assets to your company in Pawel and Adrian. They went above and beyond which should have been expected of them. As you are aware of some of the situations that arose, they handled them with professionalism and compassion. I honestly cannot say enough good things about those two gentlemen.

I will say Lucjan was wonderful. He was a great interpreter and a big help in locating Jack’s family.  

All of the accommodations were wonderful. The food was exceptional.

I feel that the communication was good. Any questions/concerns were answered.

On the way to Poland, I was not sure of what to expect. Yes, I searched the internet for all the places we were to see but in the back of my mind I wasn’t sure what I would find. Knowing Poland was invaded during WWII and later by the Soviets and I was not sure how much of those circumstances would be evident today. What a surprise I had when we left Krakow and went into the countryside. Poland is an amazing country. The beauty of the land and the friendliness of the people left a lasting impression on me. Every church was more beautiful than the last. The scenery was picturesque. The tour with the different sights was outstanding. It gave me a better understanding into the Polish culture. I had a wonderful time. I made a lot of memories, had some great experiences and met new friends. Since I have returned I have told people they need to experience Poland. I also said that if they were to go to contact your group. You did an awesome job in planning our first trip to Poland. This was an awesome experience.