Cass Litwinski (Genealogy Tour)

We were very pleased with everything associated with the tour including the cost. We enjoyed every moment. It was clear that Zenon and the whole PolishOrigins team enjoyed what they were doing and provided us service beyond our expectations. From Zenon staying late on our final tour day to allow us to find and have dinner with living relatives to Pawel giving us a long day to show us more than the usual tour of Czestochowa, these “extras” have given us unforgettable memories of our trip to Poland.

Zenon was great. He was not only good at researching records (I would often find him spending his evenings doing on-line research) but did a wonderful job of showing us things that we never would have seen without him. His diligence in finding our living relatives in Poland based on a 24 year old address was amazing and truly this was the highlight of our trip.Additionally, Pawel was excellent on our tour to Czestochowa. Again, he showed us so much more than just the usual sights.

On the Litwinski side, I really had tempered my expectations of finding much prior to the trip. So, finding my great grandparents marriage record at the church in Poryte was a wonderful feeling. Finding living relatives descended from my grandfather’s siblings was a distant thought but I knew that chances of finding anyone would be slim, especially due to the war. On the Polakowski side, I would have liked to find the marriage record of my great grandparents but again, finding the living relatives and having dinner with them was truly a rewarding experience.