PolishOrigins has become the ideal resource for researching and learning about my four Polish grandparents!

Until I found you, I could not expand my research attempts because I only spoke English. I liked that your website is very detailed and has excellent multiple reviews. Kasia, my research manager, is phenominal! She replied quickly to my initial inquiry and every email I’ve sent her with my questions. She is so fluent in English, kept me informed of the status of my Research Reports, and offered resources that are helping me understand Polish life and the complexity of the Polish language.

My grandparents lived in different locations within Poland, so I had three different genealogists preparing my Research Reports – Daniel researched my Paternal Grandfather, Kinga did both of my Maternal Grandparents, and Ola completed my Paternal Grandmother’s. I was very impressed with how they highlighted the purpose of the research, what sources they used, gave me an overview of the results they found, included additional comments they found in the records, and let me know if they ran into any challenges.

So far, I have analyzed two of the Research Reports: Not only did they help me confirm names, hometowns, and birthdates, but they also found records of parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, and two new generations in each of the reports! Some of the records even had the occupations of some of our ancestors. I was very excited to have a link to actually see a picture of the records they found! Your team truly has a passion to help us learn and understand our Polish Heritage. Thank you so much!! I highly recommend you to everyone searching for their ancestral family in Poland.