Dave Michnal (Genealogy Tour)

I travel a lot but this was my favorite holiday ever. This was partly due to how much i wanted to visit the homeland of my ancestors. Bit the experience wouldn’t have been half as great as it was without Zen and Magdalena’s assistance. Even if all they did was to set up the hotels, drive me around, and interpret, it would have been worth the fees i was charged. But the real value comes from how much more productive I was with their help. By the end of the first full day i had traced my paternal line of ancestors back to the early 1700’s. Zen knew how to schedule research trips and sightseeing in such a way as to pack as much into each day as I could handle. That same first day, I met a first cousin living in Poland of whom no one in my family had ever heard…a cousin that had a picture of my great grandfather hanging in her house….incredible.

I am very happy with the research…we learned more than I could imagined would be possible. It is impossible for me to ever reach all of my goals because there is always more to learn. But I definitely learned more than I thought would be possible in one trip.

I can only say to keep doing what you’re doing and be prepared to see many many more times if you’re willing!!! 🙂