Diane and Shannon (Genealogy Tour)

I just wanted to send this note to you to say how much Shannon and I enjoyed our trip to Poland and the time we spent with you, Zenon. Before our trip began, we both had guarded optimism whether you would be able to find much information about my Grandmother and her family. Once you began scouring all of the record books I knew if the records were there, you would find them. We were totally impressed how you were able to get the priest at St. Bartholomew’s to change his demeanor. One minute he didn’t want to help us at all and then the next minute, after your subtle persistence, he became very receptive and helpful. Plus, we were so impressed with your perseverance. Stopping at those different houses, asking them if they could possibly be related to my Grandmother. That was amazing!

Shannon and I are so grateful for the knowledge you shared, your patience and your great sense of humor. For us, this trip was filled with emotion. From teary eyes to uncontrollable laughter. We both fully agree, that we wouldn’t have been able to do this trip without you!

Magdalena, thank you, too, for all of the time and effort you gave in organizing our itinerary and answering the countless questions that I emailed you!!
Hopefully we’ll meet again.