Dorota (Genealogy Tour)

Zbigniew was very attentive and accommodating to our needs. This guide’s passion for genealogy is very evident. He has a good command of English, wide ranging knowledge and interests, making him agreeable company and a good travelling companion. He undertook valuable research both prior and during our visit, which vividly brought to life the places where my ancestors lived and did business, especially in Lwow and Rawa Ruska. Despite the fact I was able to do extensive internet research, prior to our trip, Zbigniew was able to uncover much additional information. His extensive written report has provided a valuable resource. He also has a particular skill for prising information out of supposedly closed archives and eliciting first hand recollections from local people. Here his communicative skills in Ukrainian very much came into play. It was very comforting to have such an experienced guide to conduct our passage across the Polish/Ukraine border, which was most memorable. We were glad to have Zbigniew as our driver because we certainly could not have negotiated the particularly challenging driving conditions in the Ukraine. All-in-all he made a major contribution to what turned out to be an experience of a life time.

Diana provided us with an interesting afternoon tour of some key places in Lwow, about which she is passionate and well informed. She has an engaging and outgoing personality, responding well to our many requests for further information, which she was able to address confidently in good English.

Pawel – A pleasant and entertaining driver/guide, easily provoked to a smile and a laugh and anxious to be helpful. He collected us promptly and delivered us to our destinations, having previously secured our entrance tickets. During our journeys he pointed out places of interest. After each visit he was always on hand to take us to our next destination.

All was well planned and Polish Origins was very responsive to our requests for amendments during the planning stage.

You have provided an excellent service and look forward to the follow-up information you can find. We shall certainly consider you for our further investigations.