Thank you so much for the report! It’s really amazing stuff. PolishOrigins has really helped to solve some old family mysteries. Please pass on my thanks to Kinga! She has done an amazing job with this research. I am really looking forward to coming once the pandemic is over, and I am excited to meet some relatives. If any of the relatives were interested in writing me an email, I am ok with you sharing my contact information with them. I don’t speak Polish, but there’s always google translate.

I’ve just finished going through all of the research reports and I have to tell you how impressed I am. There is so much information here! Until receiving these reports, my family history in Poland was a total mystery. Now my family tree on the Polish side is even more complete than the British side! These reports not only give me the names of my ancestors, but they paint a picture on how they lived. I was surprised to see how many people lived at the same house, and the infant mortality rate paints a picture of how difficult life must have been for them. My grandfather never spoke of his life in Poland, other than to say that life was difficult.