Kasia was our guide for the first part of our tour. She was very informative, enthusiastic, and made every effort to make sure we saw as much as we could each day. We would most definitely enjoy having Kasia as a guide again!

Lucjan helped me achieve my goals and some! The research he did prior to the trip was SO beneficial. On the tour he was phenomenal! With a few pictures and an address, he managed to find 5 living relatives. He was very persistent in searching in the churches and archives and did everything he could to help me find the information I needed.  Of course with ancestry “answers” come additional “questions.” I have many more and I plan to actively continue my research. The care he took in providing me with the research info, photographs, notes, and summary of my trip was deeply appreciated. I will definitely be contacting Lucjan for additional research help in the future.

Very well informed down to the last detail. I liked having different options to choose from. Obviously we couldn’t do them all especially the days when we were researching and finding relatives.  The ones we did were very enjoyable. Lucjan also brought us to see the monastery ruins in Zagorz …an excellent choice! The pierogi workshop was wonderful and the folk dancers’ performances were exceptional!  This was one of our favorite activities in the tour. I had the opportunity to play the accordion as the group sang Polish songs I learned when I was young.  It was an experience I will always remember. With Kasia we also added the salt mines on a rainy day and did the Dunajec River raft ride on a different day to avoid the rain. Kasia was very accommodating and switched our itinerary so we could fit in everything according to the weather.