Ula and Pawel were both wonderful. They were flexible, extremely knowledgeable and were key to our wonderful trip. Keep up the good work. I don’t have anything critical to say. Ula did a particularly good job of translating when we met my cousin Jozef – he and his wife spoke very fast, non-stop and over each other. Ula handled it very well and helped make it a memorable experience. Both Pawel and Ula are passionate about their jobs, their city and their country – that made a huge difference.

You did a wonderful job. Meeting my cousin Jozef and seeing where he and my other relatives grew up was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was very emotional for me.  Maybe more important it was a wonderful experience for Jozef and his wife Henricka. I also have now made connections with his sons who live in London. Thank you Daniel Paczkowski!

Aleksander, you did an excellent job. I couldn’t have asked anything more from you.

We’ve been on group tours, cruises and many other types of vacations and by far this trip with PolishOrigins has been the best!