Out guide Lucjan went above and beyond my expectations. I could not have asked or expected more from him . Likewise our guide for the morning in Lviv (Diana) provided an excellent service.

I found the burial sites of all members on mysternsl side and so experienced closure there. On my father’s side I found his birth entry at the parish level and was able to obtain a full version of his Polish birth certificate. I also met with surviving members of his immediate family that I had never met before. A wonderful reunion.

I was given a choice of hotels by PO to choose from. I chose the more expensive hotel in each case and was completed satisfied in staying with them. They were clean, beds and linen were of a very good quality. Breakfast likewise was excellent with a great selection available.

A mid size station wagon was adequate for the task. It was big enough for our luggage – mindful though that we were travelling relatively light. For our purposes it was thoroughly adequate and I think that for our driver/guide it was a good fit ie it suited him well.

I am quite happy for PO to share my opinions on their services and to provide testimonial for publication.

My experience was simply perfect and I can think of nothing that I would change.

Thank you Aleksander and Lucjan for the experience – one that I will never forget and could not have achieved without you.