The tour was more than we could have imagined. We had two main goals: see the houses (especially #53 Długołęka) where my great-grandparents came from and to find out what happened to the daughter my great-grandfather left behind. We accomplished those two goals in a way that we never could have imagined. In searching for the houses, we met fourth and fifth cousins, who invited us in to their beautiful home for delicious homemade food. They treated us like they knew we were coming! In terms of the left-behind daughter, I would have been satisfied learning who she lived with. We found that out, plus found her grave, and spoke to people who knew of her and had up-lifting stories to tell about her. I am greatly satisfied with the research, which will take me some time to go through and get a sense of. I still can’t believe that I and my Dad walked where our ancestors walked. This truly was a trip of a lifetime.

Zbigniew was an excellent guide, starting with the email that he sent me months before our tour began. He explained where we needed to go and which records were available in which archives. Before our tour began, he undertook research to ensure that we would be able to accomplish one of our main goals of this trip, see the houses where my great-grandparents were born and lived. It is evident that Zbigniew loves what he does. The task of each day was the most important thing to him because it was the most important thing to us.