Karen Miller (Genealogy Tour)

One of the best things about our trip to Poland was it far exceeded all of our expectations thanks to Zen Znamirowski. We spent two days trying to reconnect with family and did we ever. When I left CoMo I knew I was going to meet two cousins. Instead we met 27 cousins including my grandmother’s first cousin on her father’s side.

Zen and PolishOrigins have an incredible research organization and website. Success to me was to go to my great-grandfather’s hometown of Dlugokaty and go to mass at St. Leonardo’s in the Grzebsk parish. We were able to do that and found the birth records of my great-great grandfather, great-grandfather, his four siblings and the marriage record of his parents. Success, this will not be the last time I visit Poland especially now that I have FB cousins in Poland and we can stay connect.

Zen was wonderful, patient, understanding. We enjoyed him as well as all of the family members we met. He was incredible working with the people, the Polish people are so welcoming. It helped me realize where I got my hospitality background. Loved it!

I tell everyone I know about PolishOrigins

Thank you for giving me a memory that will last forever.