Polish Origins did research for me before we went on the trip. Their research was very thorough. If we hadn’t done the research, the trip would not have been as successful.

Due to COVID, my trip was put on hold for almost 2 years. Aleksander Zawilski was unbelievably patient and helpful throughout this time. He was great to work with and played a big part in the success of my trip

My trip to Poland to discover my heritage was an amazing, once in a lifetime experience.

I couldn’t be more pleased with Polish Origins and the work they did on my behalf. They are very professional, pleasant to work with and efficient. Every aspect of the trip met and/or exceeded my expectations. Our guide, Zbigniew Stettner was excellent. He is very knowledgeable and skilled in genealogical research; and his character and demeanor are just perfect for the work that he does. He was able to establish trust very quickly with complete strangers. A very valuable trait! Not to mention his cleverness in sorting through historical records! I met approximately 15 relatives I did not previously know and they all welcomed me and my husband with open arms. It was definitely a trip worth taking and I highly recommend this group.