Thank you for your outstanding tour guide Tomasz Laskowski. Tomasz was able to determine in a very short time my interests, objectives and desires. He made it very personal in his descriptions at the churches what items would have existed during my ancestors time, etc. The museums he chose were very intimate and had excellent docent’s. Tomasz was able to change our tour schedule to accommodate for many personal meetings with priests, potential family members and museum director’s.

Tomasz was able to create the genealogy lines that were easy to follow as we developed each days tour. The research was very detailed and specific with the copies of the actual documents but was difficult for me to follow as there seemed to be changes from family lines to witnesses. I am relatively new to genealogical research and thought it was due to my inexperience. As I requested additional research looking from the first set of research to second research was a bit confusing, but Tomasz’s expertise clarified it for me.

I apologize that I needed to request a hotel with air conditioning due to health reasons. Thank you for accommodating my request.

Your organizational skills and expertise in arranging the tour is outstanding and I highly recommend you, your company and your expert guide to family, friend’s and others.

The tour definitely exceeded my expectations.