The communication between myself and Alexander was wonderful, I always felt fully informed about the trip and I also had input into the trip, as to what really mattered to me.

Alexander organized a meeting with my second cousin, who has hard to track down. Daniel had to interpret, as my cousin did not speak English. It was a truly special day for me, to meet my second cousin who did not know that he had relatives in Canada. There was quite a few laughs, so the day was truly entertaining and an experience for both my second cousin, my daughter and myself.

This trip would never have been possible for me to do alone, without the guidance and assurance from PolishOrigins. I would truly recommend this company to anyone who wants to go back to the “Old Country” to pursue their dream of finding their roots. My daughter and myself felt totally safe at all times, and we saw that the Polish people had such big hearts to make us feel welcome into their country.

PolishOrigins had gone beyond my expectations, and I am happy to say that I made some very good friends via Alexander and Daniel. They will always be in my heart.