Phyllis Miller (Genealogy Tour , Galicia Tour and Kingdom of Poland Tour)

Pawel was fabulous! He knows so much about so many things! I was so impressed by his knowledge. He has such a pleasant personality that it was truly enjoyable to spend our time with him. I especially appreciated that he listened to what interested us, then tried to accommodate our interests during the tour. He took us to so many wooden churches, which I loved! He remembered that I had read the Sienkiewicz trilogy and made a connection to what I’d ready while we were rafting down the river. I was so glad he did that! His music collection in the van was really fun. I felt that he was watching out for us and taking very good care of us which was important to me since I was traveling alone. I very much appreciated all of his help.

The other guides we had were all very good. I especially liked the woman at the open-air museum on day 1 (Sanok Skansen Mrs. Maria) and the guide at Lancut castle. The display of church art that was included in that tour was one of my favorite places!

The van was a great size for our small group. We had plenty of room for all of our things and to spread out. Pawel is a great driver and amazing at parking that big vehicle on crowded city streets! I didn’t think any restaurant was bad. The soups were amazing everywhere we went! I loved the zurek and mushroom soups! My favorite restaurant was the one in Zakopane with the live music. It was a fun atmosphere and the pierogi were delicious! I would have enjoyed pierogi on other nights too!

I would have enjoyed having other dishes that I think are traditional like bigos, borscht, golabki. It would have been fun if the dinners were like “”a tour”” of Polish specialties, so that we learned things about Polish cooking. The whole tour is like a school curriculum where we’re learning so much with everything we do. Exploring the food traditions could be another part!

I was very well informed! Aga is truly AMAZING! She responded so quickly to all my questions. I was so impressed by her.

When I realized how small the group would be, I was a little concerned that it would be awkward to have such a small group, especially being the one traveling alone. But I never felt that it was awkward being a group of 4. It felt perfect! I felt so fortunate to be part of such a small group. Of course, it really wasn’t a “group” tour at all, it was a private tour and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope it is still worthwhile to PolishOrigins and to the guide to have such a small group as it was the opportunity of a lifetime from my perspective as a traveler!

I was surprised that Zenon and Magda traveled so far to meet us. That was such a personal touch to the tour.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The tour exceeded my expectations. It was so well planned and our guide was so fabulous that I couldn’t have asked for more!