Randy and Darlene

Agnieszka was a wonderful guide. She was very well informed about the areas we were touring and had made it a priority to find out about the German history of this area in Poland, locating some of the old cemeteries and churches which were likely attended by the ancestors. While our time there was limited, she managed to obtain a bit of new information for us, which confirmed some information that we had and supplied some new information to follow up on now that we are home.

As our time was short for visiting the area, we were able to at least visit all of the ancestral villages, some of the local cemeteries and many of the remaining churches which gives us a better idea about how to do further research on the ancestors. We hope to return to the area in the future and spend some time doing archival research.

The tour was everything that we had been promised, given the short time we had. The itinerary worked well for us and was flexible enough to allow us to make changes as we went along. We were very happy with the hotels and our guide and driver. We are very appreciative of Aleksander’s help in accommodating some last minute changes in our arrival due to flight changes resulting from the 737Max 8 airplane grounding which affected when we arrived in Lublin. We also appreciated his attentiveness to making sure we had arrived with no problems.