I have more substantial answers and information now than I could have hoped for after a number of years of research, and had the bonus of having learned some of these answers from distant relations still living in ancestral locations, who were incredibly hospitable and invited us in for tea and meals nearly a half-dozen times. In addition, Daniel found a regional genealogist from a branch of one of my family lines who had years of research into the local history and our shared ancestry, and who spent a day with us showing us around some very out-of-the-way villages and churches, etc. that were relevant to my grandfather’s family. Really amazing!

This week turned into one small miracle after another. Impossible to replicate, of course, but whatever you did worked, so just keep it up. Thank you!!

A deep and heartfelt dziękuję bardzo. The visit to Poland far surpassed what I imagined it might be. Daniel is a superlative guide, and circumstances also worked in our favor. An enormous success! Even though Jeremy was mainly along for his vacation and not for my genealogical work, he, too, had a wonderful time, and had this to say from back home in LA: “…beautiful country and very welcoming people. An amazing adventure.”