WOW! We knew literally nothing about my grandmother’s family other than her name, her parents’ names (only because I found their marriage record on a website to which you pointed me) and the names of two of her sisters. To have this much additional information in one report is incredible. I’m gobsmacked. House numbers?!? Cousins names? My grandmother had 2 other siblings? Now I know her grandparents’ names and more? It’s just incredible. And then the tantalizing possibility of learning even more and potentially finding living relatives? It’s so much more than I ever hoped for. I’ve sent the report to my dad and am eager to hear his thoughts. This is his mother and her family who he will be meeting, in a way, for the first time. And now that I know for certain that my family comes from Zalipie, I’m more interested than ever to see what I see frequently called in travel write-ups “Poland’s most beautiful village”.


See also Steve’s comment on the blog: .