Thanks for going the extra mile. He (the guide) did much more than we expected. We were really thankful for his help visiting a Koberstien family in Posnan which I am sure went beyond the tour schedule. The drone video will be a treasure for us and our family. His great help in talking to locals in Lidsbard/Brynsk helped us realise our family is still present in the area. Each area we visited was awesome with archive visits, library visits etc.

We got more than we ever expected. So many goals were realized. Genealogy is never really done, but we are so much closer.

The hotels were awesome, thanks for providing a wonderful place to restore after each active day.

The transportation was great, with lots of local knowledge of how to get around.

We were very well informed and I have to thank you for keeping my hoped for tour in mind even after it got postphoned due to the CoVid 19 pandemic. It was worth the wait.

Keep up the great work.