I am considered an adventurous and active senior citizen, as I am over 70 years old, have physical limitations and a disability that requires the use of a cane to walk safely outside of my home.

I traveled alone on a trip that included stops in Paris, Nice, Monaco, Poland, and Lithuania. When I travel, I am always anxious to experience as many local adventures as possible and meet new people in each country, and rely on tours and private transportation to give as much flexibility as possible.

As a very curious person, I love to learn regional customs, experience local cuisine, and know the country folklore stories. At times those goals are limited and a real challenge, as I am not fluent in languages other than English.

The real purpose of my first journey to Europe, was to seek information, and experience the path of my ancestors starting the journey in Poland.

As I started with very few initial clues from my family records, I consider Zenon Znamirowski and the PolishOrigins company, to be one of the most important gifts of my trip to Poland.

With my personal limitations and requirements, it was important to find a tour company or guide, that was concerned regarding my comfort in traveling, and dedicated to providing a personalized and extensively researched trip.

PolishOrigins provided a very knowledgeable guide to accompany me on my Lithuanian trip, named Zbigniew Stettner. Although Mr. Stettner spoke some English, we had some minor communications issues, but we managed to have a very productive and memorable journey.

I could not imagine having a more dedicated or personally responsible guide for my safety and enjoyment of my trip.

We were able to find a special little church, in the town of my grandmother’s birth, and the cemetery with my great grand parents. Starting with so few initial genealogy clues, it is amazing at the amount of information found by the research and services of Polish Origins, and my very dedicated guide, Mr. Stettner.
Two suggestions for the itinerary of anyone traveling to Lithuania, should include the hill of 200,000 crosses, with it’s history of post war destruction. And the Baltic sea was an experience not to be missed when in the area.

I would highly recommend the services of PolishOrigins as exceptional, and the personalized services provided by each of the employees was excellent.

In the future when my travels take me back to Europe, Zenon will be one of the first contacts when traveling to any area in which he provides tours and guides.

Salinas, Ecuador
Originally from Ohio, USA