Tracing the Obiala and Samelko families. Day 9. Kiermusy, Treblinka and last day in Warsaw.

As we spent our last night in Kiermusy, we sat and reflected on the journey and how we felt about everything.

Zdjęcie 59 Samełko

Zdjęcie 60 Samełko
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Needless to say, we are overwhelmed by the success and how all the events that happened went way beyond anything we could have imagined.  It has been a totally unforgettable journey.  Meeting the relatives, the country, the hotel accommodations, food, what more can be said.  Our only regret is that some of the family members who have passed were not able to experience this incredible feeling of joy.  We now know of the relatives we have in Poland and they know the same about theirs in the United States.  We have added a wealth of information to our family tree and have mailing addresses and e-mail addresses of the family members.  To date we have been corresponding and relaying information to each other.  I can see this happening forever.

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On our way back to Warsaw, we made a stop at the site of the Treblinka extermination  camp.  Although it was destroyed by the Germans ahead of the Soviet advance, many artifacts and images remain.  It was a learning experience for all of us.

We spent our last night in Warsaw and prepared for our journey back to the United States. Some final thoughts.

Zenon: An incredible individual who was with us throughout and never wavered in his goal, which was to make our trip successful.  He went above and beyond, such as the hat Uncle Theodore is wearing.  Theo had mentioned he was in the US Army Air Force and was wondering if it would be possible to purchase Polish Army memorabilia?  Zenon took it upon himself and had this waiting for Theodore when we returned to the hotel ‘ a Polish Air Force hat ‘ what a surprise.  There were others to numerous to mention.

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PolishOrigins and staff:  Our heartfelt gratitude to all for their untiring effort from initial planning to completion; especially Magdelana, which made sure all was in order.  Absolutely no glitches as to hotels, meals and agenda.

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I (WE) WANT TO GO BACK ! ! ! !


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