Zalipie, the painted village

Zalipie is located in northern Małopolska, about 68 km (42 miles) east of the regional capital Kraków. The village has a long lasting tradition of painted cottages.

The painted village of Zalipie, picture: Aga, PolishOrigins

The custom of decorating rural chambers with flowery paintings comes from the late nineteenth century, when the residents of the village began to decorate the interior of huts with tissue paper flowers, cut-outs and spiders of straw, hanging under the ceiling, as well as the walls being painted with flowers.

The interior of Felicia Curyło house, Picture: Aga, PolishOrigins

The paintings were made also on the outer walls of buildings, wells and fences. Currently in Zalipie, there are about 20 painted houses. The gardens in summer are bursting with colors of the paintings but also of the real flowers growing near the houses.

The house of Felicja Curyło. Picture: Aga, PolishOrigins
Painted doghouse in Zalipie. Picture: Aga, PolishOrigins

This cheerful place, sometimes balancing on the borders of kitsch, is a fantastic place to discover. The people are open and willing to share their passion with guests. There is a little museum in old Felicja Curyłowa cottage (one of the inventors of the Zalipie paintings) and there is Dom Malarek (painters house) where the contemporary works and exhibitions are displayed.

Painted house and the old well in Zalipie. Picture: Aga, PolishOrigins
One of the oldest painted houses in Zalipie. Picture: Aga, PolishOrigins

Visit the Zalipie website in English:,%E2%80%93,the,painted,village,Events,7072×2768.html

And watch the video:

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Aga Pawlus
PolishOrigins Team


  1. The painted village is new to me, and I enjoyed the virtual tour of the village so much. Thank you for providing this on your site

  2. Zen,
    Aga did a wonderful job with her pictures……the painted village brought to life. Brought back once again another view of the beautiful place and wonderful memories of our trip with you.

    Thank her for me…..hugs!

  3. Jean,

    Thank you 🙂
    I love Zalipie and also have wonderful memories about this place.
    Fortunately it is only about 1 hour 30 minutes drive from my hometown Kraków, so I can come back there. Every year around the Corpus Cristi holiday they have painting competition there.

    Greetings for you and your whole family!

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