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Karen Ballek Ph.D and Leon Washut (Genealogy Tour and Family & Friends Tour)

June 2014

All met our expectations. Staying at the Jana in Tarnow enhanced our experience, great art and history. Kasia, was very customer focused and tried to answer our questions and helped us meet our objectives. You did an excellent job, there were no unpleasant surprises. You delivered exactly what you promised. I appreciated the telephone call after we arrived in Poland.


John Shrall (Genealogy Tour)

June 2014

During our day and some prep work Zbigniew performed before our arrival, I was able to locate several generations more than I knew of. There is more research to do but I am extremely please with what has been uncovered thus far.

Zbigniew was outstanding. He was quite a detective and adept at reading script from old birth and marriage records. He was also excellent at cutting through the red tape at city and county offices on our search for records. I think his psychology degree helped to break down the barriers government workers normally build. He went over and above my expectations looking for more clues.

It was quite a remarkable and certainly unforgettable 12 hour day going back in time in this little village in the middle of nowhere…. read more: http://forum.polishorigins.com /viewtopic.php?p=16677#16677 .

Carol (Genealogy Tour)

May 2014

Magda Smolka – she was wonderful and we were so sad when she drove away. She helped us so much that words cannot adequately say how we feel. A true treasure.

Zenon – a gentlemen who is amazing at finding relatives and gravestones everywhere. He made us feel comfortable and I appreciated how well he worked with all the cousins. Also a great driver!

I will recommend your services to everyone, what a wonderful group of people you are!

I will send you my journal soon.

Carol’s journal published: Wanderlust: Polska 2014.

Jessica (Genealogy Tour)

April 2014

I stumbled across the tour searching about my family. The thought of hiring a guide didn’t occur to me until I found the site.

Our guide went above and beyond what I expected. He was fantastic and I would recommend Lucjan to everyone. He was knowledgeable, very informative, and so patient and kind with my two small children. I arranged the tour last minute (a week before travel) and my guide had everything set up and researched in such a short time. He was just amazing!


Mike (Genealogy Tour)

December 2013

First, I wanted to send an immediate ‘Thank You’ tonight. Although I did not have any expectations, you would have far exceeded any expectations I might have had. What I learned about my family in the past few days is absolutely incredible and I cannot wait to get home and share all of it with my family! As I said before, I have no reservations in highly recommending you and your services in the future. Please feel free to use me as a reference. In addition, the preparation work that Aga did was wonderful. She was responsive and provided wonderful recommendations.

The last few days have been very emotional, and fortunately, I was able to keep it together. However, as we got into Ricardas? car and drove into Lithuania, there was definitely a tear in my eye. There was something about leaving Poland and so many great experiences behind that really hit me. Although it is your job, know that I was greatly touched by your hard work and perseverance in finding all that information and so many relatives. Each day your effort gave the impression that you were searching for your own family and I am grateful.

Mike Maslauskas

Read and watch Mike’s blog: My Genealogical Quest.

Peter Miller (Galicia Tour and Genealogy Tour)

October 2013


Judy Shock (Galicia Tour)

October 2013


Sigmund and Joyce Ancerewicz (Genealogy Tour)

September 2013

sigmund Ancerewicz_testimonial

Sigmund Ancerewicz, M.D.

Elizabeth and Barbara (Genealogy Tour)

September 2013

My sister Barbara & I loved our tour. While we hope to return to Poland in 3 or 4 years, this was truly a once in a lifetime trip.

It was really worthwhile to have you start researching records prior to our arrival. There some names and addresses to work with. We were blessed with very kind people in the records offices where our grandparents and their ancestors lived. MAGDA worked her charm and even one cranky lady went out of her way to help us. We were further blessed by having so many records that were still in good condition. We obtained additional names and some more recent addresses.


Janina Kruk (Genealogy Tour)

September 2013

What a journey this has been much, more then what I ever expected.  During this journey Zenon has taught me so much about the history of Poland not only during the time of my ancestors but during communist times. He searched birth and death records for hours to figure out what happen to my grandfather’s sisters’ 10 children, uncovering they had all died at a young age. He obtained marriage records of Kruk’s and Murwaski thus expanding my tree. And he found relatives who were still alive which I was able to meet. This was truly a unique, emotional, humbling  journey for me, made possible by Zenon expertise in genealogy.  Zenon, ‘dziękuję!!’ ‘Do zobaczenia w przyszłym roku.’

Janina Kruk

Read and watch Janina’s blog: My new name is Janina Kruk.

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