Megan (Genealogy Tour)

Zenon instantly made us feel at ease, he was very helpful and polite. He was very considerate of our requests and happy to give us suggestions to offer us the best experience possible. Zenon was very flexible with the activities planned. We feel like he blended in well with us and is now one of the family!

We have achieved a lot of our goals with this tour, although with our family spread throughout Poland there is still more work to be done. Zenon’s professionalism and easy-going nature (winning over the priest!) meant that we were able to search parish records and discover further generations of our family, which would not have been possible without him. The organisation of meeting living family members, some of whom had no knowledge that we existed, was also very well undertaken.

On the whole, there was no issues with the transport provided. Zenon met us at the train station and ably got us around to a number of different places, which would have been impossible to do with public transport. Zenon was a safe driver. The size of the car was a plus considering the amount of luggage we had. It was clean and comfortable. We appreciated the recordings of the car journeys through the villages of our family – a lovely keepsake to have!

I was happy with the level of information provided. Both Anna and Zenon responded to phone calls and emails about any concerns. I had probably anticipated a more set itinerary, but upon taking the tour I realise that this would not have been possible to do, due to the need to be flexible to other peoples’ schedules.

Zenon was extremely understanding of the fact that we had travelled from Australia and had a lot to achieve in a small amount of time. We especially appreciated that he was able to drive us to the next destination of our trip. This was an unforgettable experience!! We are looking forward to working more with your team.