Marilee and Diane (Genealogy Tour)

My sister and I could not have been any happier with our guide, Zbigniew! We think he is an incredible young man, and he made our family search better than we ever imagined it could have been! Actually, it was sad for us to leave him! Thank you for employing such a wonderful guide and person! Your company is lucky to have him!

Z knocked himself out every day to ensure that we found information concerning our family. We couldn’t have had a better person helping us! I don’t think I ever expected to reach any goals. Finding distant family was a wonderful added experience. The research will go on, and Z gave us hints on where to search further. With the assistance of Zbgniew, my expectations prior to the tour far exceeded what I had hoped to accomplish. My research will continue and I hope to return one day in the future.

I was very pleased with Zbigniew, Adam and Pawel! All were knowledgable and truly love the job that they are doing.

Zbigniew is without a doubt the best!! Adam was passionate about his city and a kind and gentle soul.
Pawel had great energy and was also passionate about his job.

The hotels were great! Each one, a different experience. Accommodations could not have been better.

The tour was well thought out, and definitely customized to fit our family search. My sister and I were well informed.

Thank you for one of the best experiences of my life!! I will try and promote and suggest PolishOrigins to anyone looking for ancestral roots in Poland!