My Big Fat Polish Trip. Part 2.

My ancestors and relatives.

Day 4

Zenon stayed at the Rancho Palomino with us. Here, again, breakfast was not included in the price of the rooms.

We met with the family of Stanislaw Dulian, my cousin. Stanislaw’s mother was at home and when she heard that we finally made it, she was so happy to meet us that she gave me a very big hug and started to cry. She was very glad to meet someone from the U.S.A Stanislaw’s mother is a vibrant woman for 91 years of age. Stanislaw’s wife made soup, turkey, pureed pickled beets, potato, carrots, etc.

Stanisław and his mother Stanisława

Afterwards Stanislaw took us to five or six cemeteries where we found and recorded family burial sites.

Sobon's grave
Sobons’ grave
My ancestor's Jakub Sobon born in 1864
Tomb plaque of my ancestor Jakub Sobon born in 1864.

Day 5

Drove to Jodlowa-Walki and met with the Kuta families.  Maria Nytko in Jodlowka is my 5th cousin on my grandmother, MARY KUTA’s side of the family. We had a wonderful time with them and they took us to Maria’s parents’ home where we took photos and visited with them for a while. Maria’s parents still live on a farm and they are in their 90’s!  Maria gave me a tablecloth for my family’s Busia Zugaj picnic.

Kuta site of my family
Kuta relatives.
Kuta relatives in front of their old house.

We spent many hours and film on cemeteries, churches and other items. While in JASLO we saw the ancient gothic church. There are so many beautiful old churches in Poland.  The country side, homes, and roads are very beautiful and VERY LONG and winding.

One of the many wooden churches in Jaslo region
One of the many wooden churches in Jaslo region



  1. Today, when I was preparing this part of the blog to publish, I received an email from Josephine. She just found out that 91 years old Stanislawa described in this part, died less than a month ago…. I am very sorry for you Jo and your family in Poland.

    If Josephine arrived in Poland only a year later they would never have met…

  2. How interesting to see the area we all came from and the wonderful people you met, Jo. So sad to hear about the passing of Stanislawa. She will be in my prayers.

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