My Genealogical Quest…and so it begins: Day 1.


After two uneventful flights (thank goodness), Amy and I have arrived in Kraków, Poland.

We checked into our hotel early this morning, had lunch, and spent the afternoon at Auschwitz and Birkenau. It’s impossible to provide a “review” for these two places so I’ll sum it up as our guide did: “Without physically being held in one of these camps, one cannot imagine the horrors that took place here. However, it would be a sin not to try.”

We just got home from dinner at a local restaurant and wandered around the city a bit. Quick looks at the old town and Wawel Castle.

I have not slept more than a wink in the last 36 hours and am completely running on fumes at this point. Currently, it’s only 4PM in the US, but it’s 10PM here and we need to get to sleep. Tomorrow begins the genealogical quest at 8AM and I’m sure we’re going to be out cold in a few minutes! Bolesław, here we come!

More to come later…

Mike Maslauskas

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