My Journey to Poland. Day 1.

This trip was such a learning experience for me that I never will forget; I realize that the Polish people are very resilient and very hard workers. They will not be put down, looking at history of how their country was destroyed and had actually ceased to exist; they rebuilt it and still kept much of the history! It is truly a tribute to the Polish people, and makes me very proud to be Polish.

Day 1

We arrive at the airport and my husband Ron is getting my luggage out and at this point I realize I won’t see him for 3 weeks; a lump forms in my throat, and with his kiss goodbye I start to cry, I am sad to leave him but excited for my journey to begin.

Got in line to check in and there were at least 50 people in front of me! It appears to be mostly Lebanese decent, I never seen so much luggage, At least 5 cases each! As I stood in line a ticket worker came over and told me to follow her’she put my ticket through and took me to an open desk to check in my luggage!

Going through security was another matter; they used the new scanner with an x-ray with arms above my head, security removed my new bottle of  “Oil of Olay” that was 6oz., and too large! I went to my gate to wait and had a nice surprise; I was bumped up to business class (perhaps they felt bad for taking my “Oil of Olay”)!

On the flight we were served a glass of wine, later another beverage and some peanuts. Around 9pm we were given menus to select our dinner choice and hot cloths to refresh; I chose mango salad with beef Asian stir fry and fruit and decafe coffee and dessert, all were served with real plates, tablecloth, napkins, silverware. Lufthansa is a German airline and the stewards speak several languages. It was difficult to sleep even though the chairs recline to very hard beds.

Mary Ann Baillargeon

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  1. Thank you for sharing. My concern is scents. Here in America, everyone is scent crazy! I get a reaction to any scent. So, the plug ins and candles, perfumes, scented dryer sheets & scented soaps, body washes, shampoos, etc. would make me miserable, sick & eventually hospitalized. Imwouldmhate to go so far & spend so much money to get sick and have to come home!

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