My new name is Janina Kruk. 2014 and I am back! Day 2.

My second day in Poland I awoke to day light around 5 am. The sun rises much earlier in Poland than in Ohio. I made my own breakfast of fresh:  eggs, kielbasa, sausage and ham.  I had purchased my breakfast items in the market the day before. After breakfast I walked to the Old Town market square, which was a 15-minute walk from my apartment on Tamka Street. I exchange dollars at the Kantor located at the tourist information shop in Old Town. This Kantor has good exchange rates.

 I then made my way to the Zygmunt Waza III statue in the center of old town to begin a free 3-hour walking tour of Old Town called, Orange Umbrella Tours.

Zygmunt Waza III statue in Warsaw Old Town

As I approached the statue I immediately saw the tour guide, Michał standing with a very large orange umbrella.

Orange Umbrella Tour

About 25 people arrived and we began the 3-hour walking tour.  The tour was awesome providing much information on the history of Poland, old town Warsaw and food & drink. The last stop on the tour we visited a restaurant to learn about Vodka. After the Vodka lesson the waitress brought each of us a shot of VODKA and Lard.  Lard is pork fat severed on bread a common appetizer served in Poland.  The tour was great, Thanks, Michał.

Vodka lesson

The rest of the afternoon I spent walking the route of the Jewish ghetto. I obtained a walking map guide, from the tourist information office in old town. The weather today was very nice with highs in the upper 60’s.  After my 2-hour walk thru the Jewish Ghetto I took the tram to the University area and I had dinner.  I did miss my stop on the tram crossing the Vistula River into the area known as Praga.  I exited the tram in Praga crossed the tracks and took the next Tram back into Warsaw. After Dinner I walked back to Tamka Den for the evening.



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  1. Hi Jan! It sounds like you are enjoying your 2nd trip to Poland-love seeing the pictures and reading your blog. Someplace I’ll never get to visit but can live vicariously through you 🙂 I don’t know if I would like the shot of vodka with lard-that sounds gross-yuk! Your breakfast sounded good !

    Things are good here at work. Pete continues to recuperate with bumps in the road: heart cath was clean, CTA showed narrowing of hepatic vein which they are stenting Friday. Hopefully they will wean him soon. Spencer’s last day was today-he’s moving to St. Louis. That’s all the news, otherwise SOSDD.

    Have you met any hot Polish men yet? Be on the look out, girl!!
    Have fun and keep blogging.

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