My new name is Janina Kruk. 2014 and I am back! Zakon Felicjanki Sisters?.

Today is Zakon day, which means convent in Polish. Today Zenon and I will meet for a few hours to visit with Anna’s a Felicjanki Sister residing in Wawer, Warsaw. I had sent a X’mas card informing Anna I would be arriving in May for a second visit. I decided to return to Poland because the relatives are up in age before the history is lost.



Anna had just returned from Suwalki visiting Antoni who had been hospitalized for heat exhaustion. Anna & Antoni had spent a hot afternoon planting vegetables in the garden when Antoni had symptoms of heat exhaustion. He spent a few days in hospital received IV fluids now is back home.

The Felicjanki sisters had prepared a wonderful lunch of fish, potatoes, tomatoes, and cabbage. After lunch Anna provided me with more history of the Murawski family. She was able to find old photographs, I had not seen on the first visit. Zenon scanned the photographs, which I have added to my photograph collection of my ancestors. Anna also provided phone numbers of relatives I was not able to meet on my last visit. Zenon added these numbers to his phone, now we will contact before we arrive.

After lunch we toured the ground of the convent. The sisters? are self-sufficient growing a large garden with cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, and cauliflower to name a few. On the grounds they have greenhouses with the cucumbers & cauliflower ready to harvest.





As we walk the grounds I noticed multiple holes in the plaster on the right side of the church. Anna explained many bullets hit the church during World War II. The right side of the church has not been renovated to date. It was a visual reminder of what occurred in Poland during the war.




After a long goodbye with cucumbers, sandwiches & treat Zenon drove me to my apartment; tomorrow we will begin our adventure.


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  1. Hi Jan! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! glad you’re finding more relatives to visit with. Keep up the blog-nice to see pics and hear about Poland!

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