My new name is Janina Kruk. 2014 and I am back! Ostrołęka.

Today Zenon arrived at 10 am to begin my 2nd journey of discovering my ancestors. Our first destination will be Ostroleka to visit with the Kruk side of the family. On the way to Ostroleka Zenon called the Hotel Relax to book rooms only to find out they were booked. I was disappointed as on my first visit I enjoyed staying at this inexpensive hotel. We were finally able to find 2 rooms in the city. There were rooms available outside the city but I wanted to stay in the city.

We arrived to Ostroleka in the early afternoon and went directly to aunt Halina only to find she was not home. I was concerned thinking, “I hope she is okay.” It was a Sunday possible she was visiting with her son. We checked into our hotel with the intention to return later to Halina’s.

Later in the evening we return to Halina’s and her neighbor informed us she was in the hospital. He provided us with the directions to the hospital and we left.

We arrived to the hospital as we exited the elevator she was awaiting us in the hallway. I was surprised as I wanted to surprise her but she had surprised me. The neighbor had called her cell to let her know we were on our way to the hospital.

We went to Halina hospital room visiting for one hour. Halina was to have a pacemaker placed in a few days then would be discharged from the hospital. I told her I would call her in a few days to see how she was recovering. If she were discharged from the hospital in a few days we would return to Ostroleka to visit.

>We left Ostroleka to visit my aunt Kamila in Brzezno. Brzezno is a 30-minute drive from Ostroleka. We arrived early evening.

Kamila didn’t hear our knocking as she was reading a book. Only a neighbor approached the window in her kitchen knocked drawing her attention away from her book. She was so exciting to see me again as I was. Kamila is in her late 80’s managing well on her own. She enjoys reading very much. After listening a few more war stories, about Polish partisans living the forests nearby and fighting against Germans and later Soviets, we headed back to Ostroleka.


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