My new name is Janina Kruk. 2014 and I am back! Visit with Cousins.

Today we will visit with family of my Grandmothers sister Kamila. We began the day at Marian house. His mother is Sophie who we visited yesterday. (She was married to a son of Kamila).

The letter to Janina’s Grandmother with the photo of Helena

Mateusz was waiting for us as we arrived in town. We then followed him a few miles to his home. Mateusz and his wife live on farm raising livestock. His wife was anxiously awaiting our arrival. Over a cup of tea we shared stories of our families, viewed pictures and viewed old letters. (The letters were written to my grandmother from her sister). This year I had the original letters in Polish not the translated version. Having the letters in Polish allowed Marian and his wife to read originals. Then Marian showed us around the farm.

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After viewing the farm we were all off the Leokadia, daughter of Kamila. It was a short 5 min drive to the house. Leokadia had prepared a wonderful lunch of fresh chicken, kielbasa, and multiple salads. The kielbasa was homemade, from meat from Marian’s pigs. The kielbasa was the best!


After lunch we all went to visit with Helena and her family. I was excited to meet Helena. One of the letters written to my Grandmother had a picture of Helena in 1949. It is truly amazing that 65 years later I was able to meet Helena.

This letter is being written on 29 October 1949.

In the initial words of this letter we are first speaking to you, our dearest brother in law and sister in law. We hope that on our words “Praised be Jesus Christ” you will reply  “Now and for ever. Amen”.

So myself, Józef Sznipko with my wife and children we are greeting you dear sister in law and you brother in law and your children, let the God bless you and give you health and good fortune. Therefore I will now let you know that we have received your letter but we did not reply awaiting the package that you wrote you sent to us.

Now we have received that package as well, for which we are very grateful. Thank you that you have not forgotten us. In this package were: 2 male suits, 1 koszcum 1 sweater, one jacket, one vest, 9 dresses and one skirt, white and red blouse. One more time thank you very much for your generosity, God bless you. Our summer was good, harvest fair, plenty of rain. We have some frost these days, autumn is dry, no rain. About parents, we don’t know anything.

My daughter is sending to you her picture. I am finishing this talk, God bless you, and maybe God will let me see you again sometimes.”



  1. Hello,

    I’m a son of Helena, who is mentioned in your story. Unfortunately, she passed away last year. I’m trying to find more information about her life and our ancestors I’m wondering whether you have any other letters related to Helena or her father. Could you contact with me on my private email?


  2. Hi Jarek,

    I made contact with Zenon he will provide you with my email address. I am not sure if I have any other letters related to Helena but I will look. You can contact me via email you will be receiving shortly.


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