My Second Visit to Poland – Forefathers Traces Tour with James. Day 7.

Busy day. We met James’ 3rd cousin Jozef, currently living in Włocławek.


First we visited a big Włocławek municipal cemetery, where Jozef showed us several gravestones of Cybulskis. As of now we do not know if they are relatives of James’. However, we took pictures for further reference.

After visiting for a while at a cafe, Jozef took us on a tour of Włocławek.


Among other interesting things for James, Jozef showed us an area where his family were resided before WWII.


We also visited the church of John the Baptist where James and Jozef forefathers worshiped, were baptized and got married.


For James, visiting his cousin was more than an emotional experience because Jozef was born and has lived for his whole life in this town.  Thanks to that he was able to show and tell us a real history of Włocławek and his as well as James’ ancestors.


James was very happy that Jozef was able to help him in finding Polish pottery (knobs). So there was Polish pottery in Włocławek, after all ;-)).


We had many interesting conversations that kept Zenon very busy translating.

James & Zenon

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