My Trip to Poland with Zen: Introduction


Dave – the author of the blog

NB: This was originally written in a series of emails to my family. On Zen’s suggestion, I have compiled them here into a whole and added photographs.

Well…what a trip!  I learned a lot about our family, particularly the Michnal, Paruch, and Rosiek lines and a little Lesniak mixed in.  I stood on the very spots that Jan Paruch, Agnes Rosiek, and Wojciech Michnal lived (though none of their original homes are still standing) and met (and therefore had to share drinks and food with) two nieces of Wojciech Michnal and the nephew of Jan Paruch… This was possible because they were the youngest children of Wojciech Michnal and Jan Paruch’s youngest siblings.  Thus they were my (and many of your) first cousins, twice removed for me.

My guide Zen

I’m not sure how to convey everything I have to share as I was in Poland for two weeks and took over 1,000 pictures.  Thus, I thought I’d just recreate the trip day by day with a couple weeks, worth of daily entries to let you know what happened.

Dave Michnal


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