Poland Ancestry Tour in September 2017. Part 1.


This is a blog based on the photo presentation by Bonnie Lewis travelling with us in 2017.



Here is the map of genealogy tour:

We also went to smaller towns in the Kazimierz Biskupi area. Instead of Biskupin, we spent time in historic Konin.


Important areas of Poland:

Słupca County

  • Cienin Kościelny, Młodojewo, Franciszek Nowak born, 1885
  • Wilczna, where Jozef was born, Dec 28, 1893; also Stanisław was born there, in 1897
  • Pępocin, where Andrzej Nowak lived at time of marriage
  • Ostrowite, where Andrzej Nowak was born, around 1860

Konin County

  • Tokarki,
  • Kazimierz Biskupi, where Ignacy was born, Jan 29, 1891
  • Golina, wife of Andrzej Nowak (Agnieszka Wiśniewska) was born
  • Kawnice, where Józef Nowak was married, at age 31, to Franciszka Hyża.

Cienin Kościelny where Andrzej and Agnieszka Nowak were married.

Cienin Kościelny where Andrzej and Agnieszka Nowak were married, 1884


Cienin Kościelny




Marriage record: Andrzej Nowak and Agnieszka Wiśniewska

From the record:

This happened in the village of Cienin Kościelny 14 (26 ) of November 1884 at 2.00 pm.
Witnesses Feliks Dracz 30 years of age and Walenty Wysocki 40 years of age, servants in the manor, living in the village of Pępocin.

Groom: Andrzej Nowak, single, 24 years of age, born in the Ostrowite parish, Słupca county, son of deceased Jan Nowak and living Agata Nowak nee Kwaśniewska, farmer living with his mother in the village of Pępocin, Cienin, Kościelny parish.

Bride: Agnieszka Wiśniewska, single born in the Golina parish, daughter of living Wawrzyniec Wiśniewski and Apolonia Wiśniewska nee Kwiatkowska, laborers, living with her parents in Pępocin, Cienin Kościelny parish, 20 years of age.

Banns in the parish church in Cienin Kościelny: 21 of October (2 of November), 28 of October (9 of November) and 4 (16) of November 1884.
Newlyweds didn’t sign premarital agreement. Mother of the bride and parents of the groom orally agreed for the marriage.

Countryside and villages in Słupca area


Tokarki [means anvil] is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Kazimierz Biskupi, within Konin County.

Młodojewo, Słupca county,  Roman Catholic parish of St. Nicholas Bishop and Follower

*Młodojewo is pronounced Moh-doh’-yah-voh


“Roman Catholic Parish of St. Nicholas Bishop and Confesser” gives all interested persons the opportunity to participate in various religious ceremonies each day of the year and at different times during the day in a comfortable environment. It is a sacred space that is worth seeing. Address: Młodojewo 1, 62-400 Młodojewo.

Franciszek Nowak baptismal, 1885


Kazimierz Biskupi, Poland. Kościół p.w. Św. Marcina (St. Martin Church)


Ignacy Nowak, Baptizmal, 1891


Typical Polish cemetery (wrong Nowak).
Still wrong Nowaks.



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  1. Bonnie,
    My g-grandparents were from Cienin Kościelny. My g-g-grandfather was Feliks Drajer, born 1854. I think that he is might be one of the witnesses for your marriage of Andrzej and Agnieszka Nowak. I also have a Marianna Nowak married to Mikołaj Matczak around 1806. They have a son, Andrzej, born 1806 in Gosławice, Poland. You visited several of my villages. Thank you so much for posting the wonderful pictures!
    Nancy Ryburn

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