Search for Pajak Family and 4600 miles trip to Poland. Part 1. The planning began.

After a trip to Paris two years ago I started looking into the Pajak family. My husband Walt, his mother Julienne and I, visited his mother’s birthplace of Paris, France.

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One of the places that his mother wanted to see was the Polish church. We finally arrived at the Polish church and Julienne proceeded to tell us that she was baptized at this church and her parents were married there also. That was the start of family searching.

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Julienne’s father, Julien Pajak, was born in Sucha, Poland. Much to my disappointment the records for Sucha were not online. As much as I tried I could not obtain any records. I sent a letter to the church in Sucha and I never received an answer. I started searching for all the Pajaks in Krakow and the area. Julienne had mentioned that her Uncle Jan Pajak had lived in Krakow. I found a listing for Pajak that was a decorator. I sent an email asking if they might be related. After a few weeks I received a response from Michal Pajak. He was very nice and mentioned that he doubted we were related. As time went on I told Michal all I knew about Julien Pajak’s family. Michal did a search in the archives and found the records for Julien’s older siblings. He then discovered we had relatives that lived in Sucha. Michal contacted the relatives and then got us in touch with each other.

When all of this came to pass I figured it was time for us to take Walt’s mother to Poland. She had wanted to go back to Sucha where she had spent a few years living with her aunt and going to school. In other family searching I had come across PolishOrigins for translating some of my documents. I had read all the blogs on their site and was intrigued by their client’s experiences. Walt and I discussed what we wanted to accomplish on our trip to Poland. I contacted PolishOrigins and the planning began. Magdalena was very helpful with the planning and revisions as we went along.



  1. I just found your blog. My maternal grandmother’s last name was Pajak. She was from the village of Lachowice, not too far from Krakow. Her father’s name was Michael.

  2. Hello my grandmother was Josephine Pajak she was from Sedzikow Poland. She came to the United States in September 10, 1912. she sailed on the Kaiser Wilhelm II from Bremen.
    She was 19 years old at the time and I know she had a brother and sister if not more sub lungs that she left in Poland. Any chance they are cousins? Her town is south of Kraków about 1 hour.

  3. Hi Kathy,

    Do you have any information on her siblings?

    Our Pajaks are from Sucha Beskidzka.

    We did meet other Pajaks in Krakow that were not related to our Pajaks.


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