Tastes of Poland – introduction

We would love to show you Poland that we personally know. The best way would be to introduce you to the local traditions and habits. For us, the taste is one of the most important part of each journey. During our tours we will do our best to show you Polish cuisine – such as your ancestors used to have in their everyday life.  Here you can see some local meals, restaurants or cooking events that we recommend. If you have any suggestions of tastes you remember or some that you would like to know; please write us in comment or in our forum. We will try to add it here!

Aga Pawlus
PolishOrigins Team

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  1. I remember a mushroom soup to die for; I do not remember the place. The smoked lamb saugage and the goat cheese (oscypek) in Zacopane and Maria Welna’s cooking.

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